Summer is fast approaching, and the mosquitoes are already here. These little insects have been back for several weeks now, and they are determined to spoil our nights. Indeed, you have probably noticed, but this pest is particularly active at night, and takes advantage of your sleep to feed and bite you at the same time.

A 2013 study thus confirmed that mosquitoes were more active in the evening, at night, at dawn or at dusk, reports Médisite. The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the fact that serial biters smell body odor better during these periods. Their flair therefore decreases with sunrise. Only tiger mosquitoes do not seem concerned and can bite the same way day and night.

Fortunately, solutions exist to reduce the harmful actions of these insects. Lemongrass can be a great help because it is well known that it produces an odor that helps repel mosquitoes. It is therefore possible to spray it in the bedroom to have a better night.

The fan can also be an effective object to fight against mosquitoes. Activating it during the night disperses the odors emitted by the body, which has the effect of attracting them less. In addition to cooling in periods of high heat, the fan also helps prevent mosquitoes from landing on our bodies by repelling them with the wind produced. Be careful, however, not to use the fan too much, and preferably at minimum power.

Our bodies and the foods we eat mostly produce odors that can tend to attract mosquitoes. Find out which ones in our slideshow.