mosques in which imams of the graces of the Turkish religious authority, preaching a kind of state of Islam, and by the way, according to political opponents of President Erdogan on the look-out; prayer rooms in which shady preacher, financed on a non-transparent way in from the Gulf monarchies, the rule of peace, Islam is about to the Gusto of the Saudi rulers to propagate; converts from all over the world who swear to an Islam that is more radical than pretty much everything it has learned a ordinary Muslim ever – all this and much more belongs to the Islam of the 21st century. Century.

Whether he can make a more political Religion than Christianity, was also seen as the bold assertion that Islam is part of Germany. But not that many varieties of Islam prove to be still as easily into an object of politicisation, and Muslims living in Germany or even the German citizenship have, a priori, to enjoy the same basic legal protections as Christians or Jews. The religious constitutional law of the basic law owes its origin, ultimately, the Confessionalization of Christianity. But as a result, the German Constitution knows no churches, but “only” Religious and philosophical communities.

to Whom this Status and its legal consequences as a result of the corporate freedom of religion, is in no small part to the design and Negotiation of a deal. After all, every mosque club does not want to be a Corporation under public Law, and an umbrella organisation of mosques, is not automatically a religious community. But it is a good sign that questions like these are clear thought about them in parliaments debated and in court, is disputed. Because this is also an indication of those civilizing process of Religion, Christianity in our region has gone through the process long and painful. Money is not everything, but without money, education as the real key is to have religious autonomy. Whether the money can be collected as a tax by the state or as the “Church of money”, the municipality in which the site is donated, is of secondary importance – the main thing is, it is not intended that the Muslims serve in this country longer as objects of religious and cultural heteronomy, but rather subjects of their faith.