US-scientists – More than 100’000 Corona-Dead in the USAIn the United States, 1.7 million people with the Corona Virus. In the case of a second wave could double the number of the dead.0 comment sad record in the United States: 100’000 people died on the Coronoavirus. (Archive image)Keystone/Justin lane in the world, it is due to Covid-19 350’000 deaths.Reuters/Lucas Jackson trump had been expecting until a month ago, with up to 65’000 deaths.Keystone/Evan Vucci1 / 8

Since the beginning of the Corona-pandemic came to the United States to data from according to scientists, more than 100’000 people after infection with the Virus died. This was highlighted on Wednesday evening from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The number of confirmed infections since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States was, according to the University of around 1.7 million. Worldwide, more than 5.6 million cases have been registered thus – in the case of more than 350’000 dead. Only on Monday of last week, the number of 90’000 deaths had been exceeded in the United States.

just a few weeks ago, the Institute IHME at the University of Washington in Seattle, it was assumed that the number of victims in the United States would stabilize in the summer at about 90’000. In the meantime, the IHME-researchers assume that the number of dead could rise in the United States until the beginning of August to around 132’000. The IHME model is always being updated because of the U.S. States mitigation measures to loosen in the meantime.

Virus> under control

scientists at the Imperial College in London, whose predictions were quoted Trump in the crisis, repeatedly warned last Thursday that the Virus in the majority of U.S. States still not under control. The mobility of people in the United States should increase in the absence of further control measures, again, are expected to be a significant resurgence of the epidemic. Estimates put the number of dead could double within two months more than.

Trump urges easing

The website of the researchers at the Johns Hopkins University is regularly updated with incoming data, and therefore shows a higher level of confirmed infections as the official Figures from the world health organization (WHO) and the US health authority CDC. In some cases, the Figures of the University were revised recently, however, back down.

Trump is of the essence for some time that States relax the protective measures, so that the hard-to-ailing U.S. economy. Since the escalation of the Coronavirus pandemic in March, almost 39 million people in the U.S. have lost at least temporarily their Job – as many as never before in such a short period of time. Trump assumes that the economy will recover in the fourth quarter of the year and 2021 again growing rapidly.

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