After the dam break at an iron ore mine wane the hopes to find Survivors in the mud masses. The rescue forces were on Monday, only corpses of mountains. The number of deaths rose to 65, as the civil defense announced. 279 other people were still missing. The death toll is expected to rise accordingly. “Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to find Survivors,” said fire Department spokesman Pedro Aihara of the TV channel Globo News. The last Survivors had been recovered on Saturday morning.

The dam at the Mine of the Brazilian mining group Vale, was broken on Friday. A mudslide had rolled through parts of the plant and neighbouring settlements.

the local rescue forces of 136 Israeli soldiers, who had travelled to the disaster. They brought with them, among other things, devices for the detection of mobile phone signals in the mud. The conditions in the disaster area, will be “very difficult and very dangerous,” said the head of the Israeli Mission, Colonel Golan Vach. While the mud dried slowly, fighting the forces of previously inaccessible Places. With rods they probed the surface and pits to be Buried.

it came just at the time of the accident, was initially unclear. TÜV Süd assessed the dams in the past year, as the company confirmed in Munich on request. “We will support the investigation in full, and the investigating authorities all the required documents to provide,” said TÜV Süd.

investigation of the Prosecutor’s office

Vale-President Fábio Schvartsman spoke of a “terrible tragedy”. The public Prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation to determine those responsible for the disaster. “It is a criminal type prosecution of the persons responsible for this accident,” said General Prosecutor Raquel Dodge.

the Ministry of The environment announced a penalty in the amount of 250 million Reais (€58 million) against the group. Overall, the Brazilian judiciary of the assets of Vale in the total amount of eleven billion Reais (2.6 billion euros) blocked works, to the financing of the cleanup and damage hedge replacement payments.