FDP parliamentary group Deputy Christian Dürr wants to abolish the tax return for the normal citizens. After the presentation of the financial experts in the future, the tax office will automatically create the tax assessment, a taxpayer needs to confirm just yet – for example, using an SMS message, such as in Sweden. In the digital age should be thinking, “how can you eliminate with the help of the digitalization of the tax Declaration completely,” said Dürr with the “Handelsblatt” on Friday.

“The combination of digitisation and simplification of taxation could be the Golden way to give to the people finally, there is a noticeable reduction in the bureaucratic control madness,” says Dürr. A concept of the financial politician provides the information employees each year to the tax office, in the future, automated and digital to the IRS, such as the employee savings allowance, housing premium or the parents money.

Direct reporting to the IRS

Also donate to organizations, professional associations, and unions could donate, and the contributions of the employee after consent directly to the tax office. It is conceivable, according to Dürr, too, that even the private sector could be involved, for example, that Online retailers such as Amazon report purchased literature to the tax office.

the abolition of the tax Declaration, must be abolished, according to the drought but also tax exemptions and allowances to be extended, such as a lump sum for the tax deductible work-room to be introduced. In Sweden, there is already since years a fully automated tax return, a taxpayer submits only via SMS of his confirmation to the tax office.