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The events offered free of charge as part of the many festivals presented in 2023 in the 19 boroughs of Montreal will receive support from the City, said Culture Manager Ericka Alneus.

It was a request made, among others, by the Grouping of major international events in Quebec (REMI), which feared having to reduce the number of shows presented free of charge as part of the festivals this summer.

The City of Montreal is responding to this request to the extent of its means by adding an additional million to the seven million planned for this year, for a total of eight million.

“We are going to support 126 festival and event projects,” confirmed Ericka Alneus, responsible for culture on the executive committee of the City of Montreal. Among them, 30 projects will receive funding for the first time, she said. Essentially neighborhood projects or emerging festivals. »

Part of these funds come from the Ministry of the French Language of the Government of Quebec. The other part is linked to the cancellation of the Weekends du monde, which was to take place in July at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Also new, the City has committed to supporting a number of festivals for three years. Indigenous presence, Nuits d’Afrique, Montreal completely circus, the Montreal International Jazz Festival (FIJM), the Francos and the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma will benefit from three-year funding, another historic request.

“This question of predictability is really important,” says Ericka Alneus. Festivals can plan their budget by saying to themselves: the City of Montreal is present, I have so much money to carry out this event. We would also like to support other major festivals in the same way. »

The amounts vary greatly depending on the size of the event. The biggest festivals such as the FIJM, Montréal en lumière, Just for Laughs, Montreal completely circus or Montreal Pride will receive $600,000. Medium-sized festivals slightly less: Festival TransAmériques, $400,000; the Francos, $325,000; Indigenous presence, $210,000; Sleepless, $200,000. The little ones will receive between $25,000 and $125,000.

Among the 30 new projects, some organizers will receive lesser sums (between $5,000 and $15,000), such as the African Humor Festival, the 100 Lux Festival, dedicated to street dance, the Montreal Youth Literature Festival, etc

The objective of the City of Montreal, according to Ms. Alneus, is to increase the predictability of major festivals, to support the influence of emerging festivals, but also to allow small neighborhood festivals to exist. “There must be accessibility to culture in the 19 boroughs of the City”, underlines the elected representative of Projet Montréal.

No news from the Montréal en fête festival, canceled last December, which had been celebrating New Year’s Eve since 2013, among other things. there are discussions with the promoter,” Ms. Alneus confirmed.

“We have a responsibility to respond present, says Ericka Alneus. To support disciplines that contribute to the vitality of our city. Give a place to the sun to different initiatives. Afterwards, of course, we have to find a balance because we cannot finance everyone. But what group am I not responding to? The City must make culture as accessible as possible. »

The Culture Department of the City of Montreal has a budget of 69 million in 2023; half of this sum (35 million) is granted as a contribution to cultural organizations. The City invests (in addition to its culture budget) a sum of 21 million in the Conseil des arts de Montréal.