After slimming editions limited mainly to local companies, the 14th Circus Arts Festival will once again welcome foreign companies. Eight of the twelve shows presented in theaters from July 6 to 16 come from Australia, the United States, France, Mexico and the Czech Republic, learned La Presse.

Montréal Complètement cirque had already announced the return of the Australian company Gravity

Another company from the country of kangaroos is part of the program unveiled this Thursday by the management of La Tohu. This is Briefs Factory International, which will be in Montreal for the first time to present Dirty Laundry, which mixes circus with “the art of drag, dance and burlesque”.

Moreover, it is our drag Barbada who will accompany the Australian hostess of the evening, Shivanana.

Czech company Cirk La Putyka, which tours extensively in Europe, will present its Runners show in a setting that includes an elevated treadmill on which the artists perform their numbers. It’s happening in the circular room of the Tohu from July 12 to 16.

The United States is back with Brave Space from the Aloft Circus Arts company, which will present its show outside Tohu, in a small marquee. We can expect to see trapeze, hoop or even hand-to-hand acts in an intimate setting.

In a more theatrical form, the Argentinian company will present Un Domingo (a Sunday), by El Galpón de Guevara and Proyecto Migra. We are told a program of acrobatics, illusions, magic and contortions.

France will be represented by Noémi Boutin and Jörg Müller, who will present Sarabande. He merges dance and juggling; she performs three Cello Suites by Bach.

From Quebec, we will be able to see the bearded men of Cirque Alfonse, who will perform their piece Barbu, created almost 10 years ago, in 2014. But we will also see new blood with Hémisphère, from Projet Sanctuaire, which will bring together acrobats from Quebec in an electro-pop adaptation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

You can also see the family show GLOB, by the troupe Les Foutoukours, at the Maison Théâtre. A play that features two clownish characters; as well as The afternoon falls when your cookies are ruined, by La Croustade, formed by the Quebec duo Éline Guélat and Vincent Jutras.

Finally, still in the family show department, Mexico will present Julieta, by Gabriela Muñoz, a mixture of physical theater and clownish art that addresses the theme of old age.

Please note that the Monastère team will present its Last Judgment Cabaret in the garden of St. Jax Church, rue Sainte-Catherine. A friendly competition in which many circus artists will compete, but at the end of which only one will get their hands on the Golden Chalice.