Monica Bellucci: her 10 most beautiful photos on the red carpet


A mother close to her two daughters. In 1999, Monica Bellucci said “yes” to her companion at the time, actor Vincent Cassel. From this long romance came into the world two daughters: Deva, born September 12, 2004 and Léonie, born May 21, 2010. People dear to her heart as she had once again declared in the columns of Madame Figaro in May 2022.

“What is certain is that my daughters are the people who matter most in the world”, she had declared and to continue: “As I had them late, I was able to work less and devote time to them , even if sometimes, because of filming, I haven’t always been there at the right time. Seeing myself happy, fulfilled and passionate about my job also gives them strength. But, of course, I carry around with me the Italian culture where the child is king, with the good and the bad sides”.

At 18, Deva Cassel seems to be following in her famous mother’s footsteps. Fashion shows, muse of the haute couture brand Dolce

As for her desire to become a grandmother soon, Monica Bellucci did not hide her eagerness. “If it were up to me, I would love it even now. But for my daughter, I hope she will wait a bit (…) I don’t want to be a mother who locks up, on the contrary, I I’m happy to see them fly away”.

On the occasion of its anniversary, Planet has selected for you its 10 most beautiful appearances on the red carpet.