The year 2018 was the year the German car manufacturer. But also the international competitors had to struggle in the stock market. This was due not only to the trade dispute, even if its unpredictability has affected mainly the middle of the year, the share prices massively. The views of the development from all manufacturers. The industry index Stoxx Europe 600 “Automobiles & Parts”, reflecting the fact that the industry, which this year is more on the side stripes, as on the left of the fast Lane

he said: Since the beginning of the year the Index decreased by more than 35 percent. The Index, the shares represents courses of 18 European car manufacturers and suppliers. The French rivals Renault and PSA Peugeot Citro├źn or suppliers such as Continental and Faurecia from France include, in addition to the three German manufacturers, and Porsche.

it is Astonishing that the automotive values, of all things, the one in 2018, could put the best Performance on the day, to the from all sides the most was hacked and, according to the statements of his boss, even on the brink of Bankruptcy. The speech is from the American Tesla-group. The share of Californian electric car manufacturer, recorded since the beginning of the year a price increase of about 17 percent.

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Other car values, a significantly worse Performance delivered. For example, the Daimler share price fell by approximately 32 percent in value. However, the Swabians with Mercedes-Benz had the world’s number one in the premium segment of the Branchein their ranks. The Bavarian competition from BMW made it a little better. The decline in the share Price, about 14 percent, however, is also nothing to be proud of. For Volkswagen, a Minus of 9 percent is the bottom line.

China’s booming market is no longer running around

The international competition is not bekleckerte as well, can be proud of. The share of the Chinese electric car and battery manufacturer’s and Warren Buffett favorite, BYD had to live so far this year, with losses of around 12 percent. Geely, the new star in the Chinese car heaven and Daimler, a major shareholder,has lost, with his share seem to be more than 40 percent of their value. No wonder, more runs, finally, on the Chinese Boom market all around.

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The growth momentum of the economy decreases, during the trade dispute with the United States. This translates, ultimately, to the car market. Although the domestic manufacturers do not have to with the duties of life, and least of all, the support for electric cars was driven back.