Monday’s NHL Update: Oilers Prepare for Game against Panthers

The struggling Oilers are gearing up to face off against the Panthers in game #2 tonight. The big question on everyone’s mind is whether they will be able to score a goal on Playoff Bob this time around. NHL fans are buzzing about Bobrovsky’s unique game day routine, which involves Olympic lifting in the hallway before hitting the ice. The 2-time Vezina Trophy winner’s extended regimen has been a key factor in the Panthers’ success in the Stanley Cup Final.

In other news, the PWHL draft is set to take place tonight in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, with New York holding the first pick and Toronto following at sixth. There is anticipation building around the draft, as well as updates on free agency and trades in the league.

Amidst discussions about potential changes in the NHL Draft format in the next CBA, some player agents are advocating for a shorter draft with only 4 rounds. There is also talk about raising the draft age to 19, sparking debate among hockey circles.

The Stanley Cup playoff viewership continues to soar, with game #1 on Saturday drawing impressive ratings, second only to the Leafs-Bruins game #7. As the Cup Final approaches, excitement is building among hockey fans.

Looking ahead, the schedule for the Four Nations Cup in February has been announced, with Montreal and Boston set to host the tournament featuring NHL players from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Sweden.

Lastly, fans of the CapFriendly website will have to bid farewell as the tool is set to be purchased by an NHL team. The website, known for its insights into salary caps and contracts of NHL teams, will soon be under new ownership.

With only six possible games left until the Stanley Cup is awarded, the NHL season is reaching its climax. Enjoy the action on the ice as the battle for the championship heats up.