A 29-year-old centre-speeder has been convicted of killing a pedestrian in Mönchengladbach to three years in prison. He had recognized the 38-year-old passers-by with his truck far too fast. The district court of Mönchengladbach, spoke to him on Tuesday of negligent killing, guilty, and went to the sentence about the claim of the public Prosecutor. A 26-year-old motorist was convicted of hit-and-run to 3000 Euro fine.

According to eyewitnesses, an illegal race in the swing when it came to the time of the accident. A motorist got the other pushed, dodged into the oncoming lane. Then the pedestrian got in the way. However, the court saw this on Tuesday in a different way: The 29-year-old racer had required possibly turn out to be an illegal race and, egged on felt, from the presiding judge. According to reckless, he was racing through the lower Rhine city.

A date and an invitation to a race, you could not but notice. The two involved drivers would be put back and the feet from the accelerator – the sooner, the other later. Therefore, the court assumed that a race is in progress, as the car of 29-year-old man captured on a four-lane street, the pedestrian in the air by a catapult.

The pedestrian died at the scene

it was Allowed on the body pace of 40, experts calculated a speed at impact of 80 kilometers per hour. The 29-year-old driver had slowed down, is expected to be over 90 km/h.

On the front passenger seat, the brother uttered a cry of warning: “pedestrians!” Too late. The 38-year-old man had no Chance, died at the scene of the accident to his severe head injuries. The 29-year-old man from Newark turned himself in after the accident to the police and was after a few hours of free again. He confessed to be much too fast to have been, but denied, to have a race delivered.

a Few months later, the Prosecutor accused him of murder. It is life-threatened long detention. However, the court did not allow the murder charge to the process. It could not detect killing intent. Therefore, it was negotiated against the 29-year-old racer only negligent homicide and reckless endangerment of road traffic.

Mönchengladbach stayed in the race until then, no big problems with illegal car – unlike other cities such as the nearby Cologne, where, after several serious accidents, an investigation team of the police was installed to keep the speeder scene in a game of chess.