The Internet Association eco has called for the upcoming election of a new European Parliament in may, a Europe-wide digital policy from a casting. If Europe wants to realize its “lofty goals”, it’ll be all the more important, “decided and stringent, a modern network policy to implement,” said eco CEO, Oliver Süme. Currently it lacks both the EU Commission and in the Parliament and the Council on a common idea or a common goal. Europe need, for example, a single legal framework for digital markets.

The digital strategy for Europe is concerned, not only the population, but also the European economy. So far, the discussion is to be conducted, however, “unfortunately, with a technology and Internet – sceptical attitude”, and criticised Süme.

The eco argues, therefore, against a planned digital tax in the EU: they would discriminate against the digital economy in General, and, ultimately, to the European internal market damage, said Süme. Instead, the European Council should be a uniform system of taxation, the your all companies to the same requirements best.

digitization could be a model of success for Europe, if the EU is to recognize your opportunities and was a locational and competitive advantage, it said. The new strategy for Artificial intelligence (AI) of the Federal government, the eco very much welcome. However, would currently be hosted only four percent of all the world data available in the EU, said Süme. For the development of a learning AI systems, the data volume is much too low – the major operators of data centers were still in the United States, China or India. You will be part of the necessary digital infrastructure, which will not come solely through fiber-optic cable and the next mobile network standard 5G.