Models lifetime ban from major league baseball game, after they have breasts on display for a good cause


finally, the Models, Julia Rose and Her Summer, have been indefinitely banned from all Us honkbalstadions after a remarkable stunt. During a game between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros this past Sunday, was well-born ladies, with all the attention to requirements, by a sudden their breasts to show. In accordance with the forms, they wanted more to draw attention to breast cancer, but that Major League Baseball will not take to it.

The relevant fragment was since viral on social media. Pink showed on Twitter, already know that they are “guilty”, and also the Summer and was subsequently made clear that she “did it for the internet.”

The thing was, however, a severe pony-tail. A few days later and handed Rose a letter stating that they, together with the Summer is lifelong and has been banned from all of the honkbalstadions. During the game, you have breached the code of conduct and of themselves naked in order to have a business to promote, it sounds like it. “Here you are, you are indefinitely banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums.” From some angles it sounds, although criticism, as suspect, some of the letter is distorted due to the models themselves, since there is less than a day after a decision has been made.

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