Nokia unveiled on Wednesday in Dubai, and Helsinki its new Smartphone Nokia 8.1. In the vicinity of Helsinki, the headquarters of the HMD Global, the company the brand Nokia can be revived.

Marco Dettweiler

editor in the economy.

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you Look just to the price of the New, he is 450 Euro, and remember the 1000-Euro limit, the flagships of Apple, Samsung and Huawei romp, you could keep the Nokia 8.1 for a middle-class device. But the impression is deceptive. The housing leaves the first time you Try a very high-quality impression. Also there is a camera with dual-optic. It dates as with the other Nokia models from Zeiss. The first lens 12 Megapixel, and the second is 13 Megapixel, and it produces a blur effect that can be changed in real-time. An optical Zoom is lacking, who wants to get closer to an object, you must rely on the digital zoom. In comparison to Google’s Pixel 3 or Huawei Mate 20 Per this can not keep up. During the Hands-on, the camera is reflected in slightly darker surroundings quite well, which may be due to the size of the “super pixels“, with the Sony image sensor captures light. For the Selfie-Generation of the Nokia 8.1 holds in its front camera 20 Megapixel, the Software should make for good shots even in the Dark, what we could not yet try out.

The screen with a size of just over 6 inches lush. During a few minutes of trial and error, he makes a bright, contrast-rich impression. Nokia advertises a “Pure screen”. With an aspect ratio of 19:9 the screen has an elongate character. It dissolves in Full-HD+ and can represent films that have a high contrast range (HDR), accordingly. What may not be missing: the notch at the upper edge of the Notch. Consistently, the design of the display is not. At the bottom of Nokia would have been able to pull even further to the end of the Housing.


The processor indicates which class is to be allocated to the Smartphone. In Android the upper class of the Snapdragon 835 ruled. Here is a good middle-class comes with the Snapdragon 710. However, this is fast enough for most of the functions, so that the difference in everyday life is hardly felt. The battery brings 3500 mAh and is expected even in intensive use for more than a day.

Nokia was one of the first companies that provided their devices with Android One punch. The cooperation with Google is guaranteed – to-date security and software updates. That’s why the Nokia 8.1 will come with the new Android operating system Pie (Version 9), to the owners of considerably more expensive for a while Android will have to wait because other manufacturers need to customize the operating system in the first place.