(New York) The New York Mets are facing a record luxury tax of nearly $101 million after a very disappointing year for them.

The Mets could not do better than a 75-87 record, finishing fourth in their section.

Eight teams must pay the penalty this year.

The Mets had a payroll of $374.7 million, according to figures finalized by MLB and obtained by The Associated Press.

This surpassed the previous high of 291.1 million (the Los Angeles Dodgers, in 2015).

The Mets’ bill came to $100,781,932, more than double the previous high ($43.6 million, the Dodgers in 2015).

Other teams that must pay the luxury tax are the Padres (39.7 million), Yankees (32.4 million), Dodgers (19.4 million), Phillies (6.98 million), Blue Jays (5.5 million), the Braves (3.2 million) and the World Series champion Rangers (1.8 million).

The Blue Jays, Braves and Rangers are paying the luxury tax for the first time.