Mississauga Elects New Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor in 2024 By-election

News release:
The City of Mississauga has officially announced the results of the 2024 By-election, with Carolyn Parrish being elected as Mayor and Natalie Hart as Ward 5 Councillor. Parrish received 43,494 votes for Mayor, while Hart secured 3,707 votes for the councillor position.

The total number of voters who participated in the by-election exceeded 138,500, resulting in a voter turnout of 25.71% in Mississauga.

Both the newly elected Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor will be taking their oaths of office on a date to be determined in coordination with the City Clerk, with further details to be provided in the upcoming days.

Please note that the results mentioned in this announcement are unofficial and will be officially certified by the City Clerk in the near future.

For more information regarding the by-election results, you can visit mississaugavotes.ca/results. Additional details about the Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor by-election can be found at mississauga.ca/by-election-2024 or by contacting 905-615-VOTE (8683).

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Carolyn Parrish is a Canadian politician who was recently elected as the Mayor of Mississauga in the 2024 By-election. She has a long history of public service and has previously served as a Councillor in Mississauga. Parrish is known for her dedication to improving the community and advocating for the residents of Mississauga. Her election as Mayor marks a new chapter in her political career, and she is committed to leading the city towards a brighter future.

Natalie Hart, the newly elected Ward 5 Councillor, is also a prominent figure in Mississauga’s political landscape. With a background in community activism and public service, Hart is passionate about representing the interests of her constituents and working towards the betterment of the city. Her election as Councillor reflects the trust and support of the residents of Ward 5, and she is eager to contribute to the development and progress of Mississauga.