Miss France on vacation: where have the beauty queens gone?


On the abandoned beach, shells and crustaceans… In recent weeks, many Misses have gone on vacation. The sublime Amandine Petit, elected Miss France 2021, shared a short video in which the pretty Normande is having a good time on a sandy beach. In legend, the young woman then clarified: “After an intense start to the year, it was time to rest”.

She is not the only beauty queen to have granted herself a few days off. Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015, left for Normandy last weekend to visit her darling’s family. The star took the opportunity to sunbathe in a pretty yellow swimsuit. “Week-End in Normandy. We went to see @theofleury’s family in Agon-Coutainville, we bathed, we ate crisps. Always with my shoes @millimchaussures, as you can see, I never left them ever“, she wrote in the caption of a series of photos. A few weeks ago, the 27-year-old young woman confided in her weight gain on social networks.

“I don’t feel good. I don’t recognize myself. Some people see themselves as bigger than they are and well, I’m the opposite. In everyday life, I feel super thin so it’s It is very difficult when I am confronted with the reality of my image in photos or on TV (…) I do not recognize myself and it weighs on me a lot”, she explained.

For her part, Mareva Galanter published an ultra hot click of her which ignited the web. Planet invites you to discover the hot photos of Miss France on vacation.