Miss France: are you unbeatable on the famous beauty contest?


It is the annual rendezvous of beauty pageant fans. For a century, the Miss France election has seen many candidates elected in the region and handpicked according to very specific selection criteria. If the rules have evolved over the years, the “Miss France” committee created by Guy Lévy in 1954 before being chaired by Geneviève de Fontenay has accompanied its most beautiful ambassadors to shine in France and around the world.

A popular event with millions of viewers, Miss France gained notoriety with the retransmission of the contest in the 1980s. Until recently unknown, these beauty queens are propelled into the spotlight in front of the French. Between public appearances and media tours, they also make their admirers dream.

But, do you really know the world of Miss France? Before knowing who will succeed Diane Leyre this Saturday, December 17, 2022 in Châteauroux, during the 93rd election hosted by Jean-Pierre Foucault on TF1, Planet invites you to test your knowledge at through a quiz of 10 questions. From easy to difficult, there is something for everyone.

If you have 0-3 correct answers: You will need to revise your lessons before election night. From 4 to 7 correct answers, you know the basics of the beauty pageant. More than 7 correct answers, you are a faithful of the event. So if you get the perfect score of 10/10, you have the crown and the scarf of Miss (or Mister) France unbeatable!