Miss France has started a real revolution. This year, the committee of the famous national beauty contest has chosen to change its rules. Indeed, major changes have been made to the selection criteria. From now on, married and PACSed women can participate, as well as mothers. Transgender candidates are accepted, provided that their marital status is mentioned as female. Tattoos are allowed as long as they are not “criminally reprehensible”, said Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer and president of the Miss France society, in an interview with TV Magazine. The age limit has also been lifted. On the other hand, only the height was maintained at 1.70 meters minimum without heels.

Since the introduction of the new regulations, the regional competitions have seen many candidates with an atypical profile. Among those who made the buzz, we find in particular Victoire Rousselot, 27 years old, married, mother and tattooed. A dental assistant by profession, the young woman was one of the 16 finalists in the Miss Alsace 2022 competition. Andréa Furet, 19, has also been talked about a lot. And for good reason, she is the first trans candidate in the history of the Miss France contest. The actress, seen in the TV movie Il est Elle with Odile Vuillemin and Jonathan Zaccaï, tried her luck in the Miss Paris 2022 contest. She was not finally selected among the finalists.

In an interview granted to Nice-Matin on June 17, Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, gave her opinion on the opening of the Miss France contest carried out this year: “Now it is up to the French to show that they are capable of having an open mind, of accepting new, different women as representatives of France, women of all ages, with marital status and potentially children, with tattoos… things that we didn’t have before”.

Discover in our slideshow below the most atypical candidates of the Miss France 2023 competition.