On October 18, 2022, the writer Jean Teulé suddenly disappeared at the age of 68 following a cardiorespiratory arrest at his home. “Betty Mialet and Bernard Barrault have the immense sadness to have to confirm that their author Jean Teulé would have succumbed last night, October 18, to a cardiac arrest”, wrote the Mialet-Barrault editions in a press release.

The author of Rainbow for Rimbaud would have been the victim of food poisoning last weekend, reports Le Parisien. An investigation has been opened to determine the exact circumstances of his disappearance. “He would have gone to the restaurant this weekend and would have had food poisoning. The death would be due to a cardio-respiratory arrest following this intoxication”, revealed a police source to our colleagues.

Since the announcement of his death, more and more public figures have paid tribute to him on social networks. “Tonight I learn with sadness the disappearance of the writer and designer @jeanteuleauteur he was 69 years old. I had discovered him younger in

Since 1998, Miou-Miou shared the life of the writer. In the Republican Echo, their friend Christophe Dolbeau revealed that their first meeting took place at the home of Jean-Pierre Coffe. “They met in Arrou at the butcher’s shop,” he said. During this meeting, Jean Teulé had not realized that it was about the actress Miou-Miou, his “fantasy” being a teenager: “I told everyone when the film came out that the wife of my life, it was the Valseuses girl“, he had declared.