The solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa), previously called minimum old age, guarantees a minimum income for retirees who have made little or no contributions to old-age insurance. Half of retirees in this situation do not use this right, according to a study by the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES), indicates Service-Public. However, applying for Aspa would make it possible to supplement the resources by 205 euros per month on average. How to check that we are eligible?

The Aspa is not assigned automatically. First of all, you must have asserted your retirement rights. A number of conditions must be met. It is therefore essential to reside in France for more than six months (or 180 days) during the calendar year in which the allowance is paid, specifies Que-Choisir. You cannot get the allowance if you decide to retire abroad. Nationals of a foreign country must have held a residence permit for at least 10 years to qualify.

From the age of 65, the request must be made to your pension fund. This will evaluate your resources for the last three months. To obtain the Aspa, household income must be below the ceiling of 11,001.44 euros per year, or 916.78 euros per month for a single person in 2022. For a couple (married, PACS or cohabitant), the income taken into account must not exceed 17,079.77 euros, or 1,423.31 euros per month.

What income is taken into account? : the old-age and disability benefit, professional income subject to a reduction, income from investments and real estate (estimated at 3% of the value of the investment or real estate). This also applies to goods that have been donated in the last ten years, says Que-Choisir. In addition, the pension fund does not take into account the value of the main residence, farm buildings for ex-farmers, family benefits, and housing allowance.

If the average income “exceeds the ceiling of €916.78, another assessment will be made over the last twelve months, and will be retained if it allows the allocation of Aspa”, specifies Service-Public. Concretely, if you receive 800 euros in income per month, the amount of the Aspa in 2022 will be 116.78 euros, or 916.78 € – 800 €.

Attention for the heirs: the aid paid can indeed be taken from the beneficiary’s estate, “if the net amount of his estate (asset less debts) exceeds 39,000 euros”.