team Manager Maurizio Sarri (59) from the former English football Champions Chelsea FC have been surprised by the Transfer of Bundesliga-Profi Christian Pulisic for the equivalent of 64 million euros, from autumn Champions Borussia Dortmund obviously. “I knew nothing of it, that Pulisic would be required on Wednesday,” said the Coach after the 0:0 the Blues against Southampton at the BBC. However, the football teacher had been involved at least in the Opinion: “I was asked over a month ago, what I think of him. My opinion was positive, now the Transfer on the stage, but I didn’t know.“

The 20-year-old Americans Pulisic was committed to Chelsea now, but until the summer to BVB on loan. Sarri underscore almost apologetically: “I’m not busy at the moment with Transfers, because we play every three days and I need to focus on the games.”Team Manager, Jürgen Klopp, from Liverpool, praised the Blues for the Transfer. “He is a great obligation for Chelsea, but it is also a good Deal for Dortmund,” said the former BVB coach: “Pulisic is another talented Young inEngland, it may be interesting.”

the Mission of mastery the attacker moves his dream of derPremier Leagueum a year and a half. “We all feel that this year “could be our year,”” wrote of the Americans in an emotional letter to the Fans. He wants to help win the long awaited title. “We will do everything possible to have a Top-end of the season,” he promises, and accordingly starts on Thursday with the BVB in the preparation for the second round. The top riders will have to bundle all forces, to the attack of record champion Bayern Munich to fend off.

“We have the feeling that we are on the right path”, the BVB said sporting Director Zorc least the “Kicker” and is reassured: “We are not for the first Time and know how we have to deal with it.” Six points ahead of the Dortmund, the table constellation, you should not draw any wrong conclusions. On Friday, Dortmund, fly to a training camp in Marbella, Spain (up to 12. January). At the start of a week later, the first big task is waiting at the table the fourth RB Leipzig already. Also in the new year to run, according to Zorc virtues such as the “mental strength, this absolute greed, to want to win” to success.

Possible doubt as to his passion and dedication, trying to dispel Pulisic. He will continue to “give 110-percent effort,” he said. However, he is advised in this season aside, in the League he was only five in the starting lineup. Pulisic, who was replaced as a 16-Year-old from the United States in the BVB youth, referred to the most expensive winter transfer in Bundesliga history as “a Win-Win Situation for all Involved”.

Although it was not possible to Zorc, to extend the in the summer of 2020, the expiring contract of Pulisic, but he was able to accept a “very lucrative offer”. After the strike Ousmane Dembele, was changed last summer for a record sum of 115 million euros to Barcelona, is Pulisic is the second most expensive BVB finish the story.