as The former CEO of Nyrstar, the chairman, and four other toplui in silence, for a large additional fee, because they are on board, stayed at the rescue of the beleaguered group. That is, write The Time on Thursday.

it is part of The Belgian Nyrstar’s went on eggs that were so over the head, as a result of an unsustainable burden of debt. Nyrstar was able to be rescued with the assistance of Trafigura beheer bv, one of the largest grondstoffentraders. That was, however, achieved at the expense of the creditors and minor shareholders.

Now it turns out that the Nyrstar set-up, in spite of the economic difficulties, the six toplui earlier in the year, significant contributions have been paid. This is stated in the report. The payments can be defined as a retentievergoedingen, as a special thank you to the ones when the uncertainties of the rescue of the company.

The largest amount of money, for 1.5 million Swiss francs (1,37 million), to the left the CEO Mr Red. He made last year in salary and other compensation of 1.5 million euros. Chairman, Martyn Konig, of the We received 0.9 million Swiss francs (823.000 euro). Three of the members of the board of directors (the human resources-senior executive, commercial and technical director) areas together and 0.55 million-franc (an-a-half million us dollars). The two of them are now gone. The chief financial officer on an interim basis, to last but not least, the right to 0.23 million francs (210.000 euros), half of which is uncertain.
More about the Nyrstar set-up ‘Part’ of Nyrstar shares recovered hundreds of millions of Trafigura beheer bv Nyrstar will post a net loss of 618 million euros in 2018, following a profit the year earlier of Nyrstar’s (almost) saved the small investor is (obviously) the spool Factories, and want to get rid of the loss-making parent company,