Last week, Cyrus celebrated her 29th Birthday

Year 29 has been a great start for Miley Cry!

Forbes announced Wednesday that the Bangerz singer was included in its annual 30 Under 30 List. The list also includes the all-time 30 Under 30. Following the announcement, the singer thanked Forbes and posted a tweet thanking her.

“FORBES 30 UNDER 30,” the 29-year old singer captioned a behind-the-scenes video from her Forbes cover shoot. “I turned 29 last Wednesday. It was now or never. We are grateful for the honor. @Forbes@happyhippiefdn@gucci.”

Cyrus stated in the video that songwriting was the “greatest joy” that he has ever experienced in his life.


Last week, I turned 29. It was now or never. We are grateful for the honor. @Forbes @happyhippiefdn @gucci

Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus November 30, 2021

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It’s my favorite part of what I do. It’s about taking it in, and being thankful every day that I can write songs for a living.

She said, “With everything, distance makes your heart grow fonder so having that separation from my fans for almost two years, since I was twelve years old, has been the longest that I’ve ever experienced, and it just ignited that spark again for my gratitude that I have to being a live performer, first.”

Cyrus was also a judge in selecting the other music honorees for this year, which included Jack Harlow and Olivia Rodrigo, Willow Smith and Tinashe.

After the release of her hit album Bangerz, the iconic singer-songwriter was first included in the 2014 list. The Hannah Montana alum released three albums and founded the Happy Hippie Foundation. She is also an investor in startups such as FanMade, Hers, and feminine products company Hers.

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It was announced Monday that Cyrus would ring in the New Year alongside Pete Davidson. He will host Miley’s New Year’s Eve party hosted by Miley Cyrus for NBC. The special will be broadcast live from Miami, Dec. 31, at 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. ET and will be streamed live on Peacock.

In October, the multi-platform star spoke out about her unique position in the music industry. She was joined by country singer Mickey Guiyton in Rolling Stone‘s Musicians on Musicians. She explained why she believes it is important to constantly strive to improve.

Cyrus stated that “I don’t feel it’s enough for me being considered one of the greatest rock singers this generations because there’s not enough of them” at the time. “I love competition and not only do I want my light to shine, but so does I.

Later, she added, “I want people like me around, so that I can know that I deserve it because I fight for it all of the time.” That’s how I think. I don’t want to be the best because I want to improve. You don’t have to be the best, you’re not the only one.”