Asus expert book B9 in the Test – middle-class Laptop with High-End ambitions of this Notebook is very light, it’s a record-breaking long battery life and a Trackpad that can also be used as a numeric keypad to use.Matthias Schüssler5 Kommentare5Für a whole camping vacation without an outlet, it is not sufficient, but a longer trip is with a battery life of up to 24 hours after all.Photo: Matthias Schüssler

Asus is among the PC manufacturers, I think First of all, when it comes to powerful laptops. The Taiwanese company has the reputation to be especially in the cheap segment.

But that is mainly due to the fact that the electronics retailers to establish the cheap models to the range. Asus offers in every price range: from the low Vivobook models up to the Pro style Studio book Pro that wants to satisfy the power hunger of designers and Multimedia producers.

Asus is regarded as innovative, but there are relatively few models that stand out from the somewhat confusing range of products. But exactly these products are, to ensure that a brand remains in the memory stick.

a great little Laptop for the money (but only in terms of weight)

The expert book B9 is now such a device. As soon as you take it in the Hand, it is striking how easily this Notebook 987 grams is, compared to 1360 grams in the case of my Macbook Pro by 2016. (The weight varies depending on configuration; the easiest way is, according to the manufacturer 870 grams.) Asus promotes it with the statement that it is the lightest business laptop in the world – with the footnote that, in this comparison, the main competitors, but not all of the Laptops that are somewhere made, are taken into account.

The Trackpad as a number pad: use The number fields to be displayed by the LCD.Photo: Matthias schüssler, this LCD Trackpad has two levels of brightness for sunlight readable.Matthias schüssler when cover is opened, slides the lid a little below the housing. The results for typing comfortable angle.Matthias SchüsslerDer screen can also be completely flat to the rear flap. Thus, the device can be, for example, in the Meadow lying use.Matthias schüssler built-in spy protection: The camera can be a switch off.Matthias SchüsslerDer comparison to the Macbook Pro by 2016, thanks to a narrower edge is the size of the housing in a similar Display is a little smaller.Matthias Schüssler without any preinstalled Software, it is also in Asus. A handful of Apps pre-installed, including a security software from McAfee.Matthias Schüssler1 / 7

But the superlative is beside the point. It is important that the housing is made of a Magnesium-Lithium alloy is very good in the Hand. The Display is bright and has only a thin edge. The consequence of this is that you get in the classic 13-inch device category monitors with 14 inch which is a noticeable improvement.

the screen of The expert book has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of Full HD This is in comparison to the (tested here) HP Spectre x360 13 with its 4k display little. But for classic areas of application, it is always enough – and the lower resolution also protects the battery.

24 hours of battery

The power of persistence pays: Asus specifies a duration of beaten 24 hours. This is a multiple of what one may typically expect. And even if the manufacturer’s instructions are often a little optimistic, I had to hang the Laptop during my Tests, never to the power. Even in the case of intensive work, this Notebook would have a good two days long.

The real peculiarity – and a real distinguishing feature for office workers – is the Trackpad: It can be opened by a button in the upper right corner in a paragraph block of transform: in Addition to the digits from 0 to 9-point, arithmetic operators for basic arithmetic, Enter, Backspace, percentage and the Same appears as a bright LED display. (The brightness can be adjusted via a switch in the upper left corner of the Trackpad in two stages to regulate.)

This is a clever idea – at least for people who are sufficiently often in the spreadsheet and actually type in Numbers. In the case of a Laptop of this Size, it is necessary to refuse, typically on a numeric keypad, because it is not to accommodate in a normal sized keyboard.

paragraph block in the Trackpad

the effect This had on the touch-sensitive field is a number, it needs a similar attack, you would press the button. The laying on of the Finger gently controlled as usual with the mouse pointer: Yes, It is possible to use the Trackpad without switch for the controller and for the input.

of Course, A hundred percent substitute for real numeric keys, this projected dial pad is not. A drawback is that you can feel the buttons. If it is used to Pay for the blind to type, then it takes a bit of Practice, so to do it on the input field as well. But if you are not the touch field, in principle, averse to the, you get the point – and it is certainly more practical than the method, for the numbers on the normal keyboard fitted with a double occupancy.

A limitation is that there is no “Numlock”button. It is not possible to use the Trackpad, using the arrow keys and the commands Home, End, Page up, and Page down.

The Details of votes

conclusion : The Laptop is a good opportunity to revise the prejudices – if you have ever had any. The equipment is perfect: There is a fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication, a camera with a slider to disable, two connectors for Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C, a classical USB-A Port, a connection for HDMI and headphones. In terms of performance, I would classify him in the midfield – but for the price it is fine. Installed Windows 10 Pro.

The Design is not extravagant, but also not boring. And I like that the hinge when you Open lowers easily to the back of The Laptop a little lift: I don’t find it enjoyable, if he rests while you are typing, the whole flat – even if there are only a few millimeters. The pressure point of the keyboard is a little too high – but this is of course a matter of taste. As a small, universally valid point of criticism, however, is to say that the Laptop slides on my glass table a little too strong. But if it’s a concern, you can get hold of still stick-on rubber feet.

The tested model (B9450F) is for 1711.90 francs available.

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