This new generation Xbox comes with a redesigned controller featuring two analogue sticks, four action buttons and a dedicated chat button. There are plenty of other improvements such as built-in Wi-Fi support and enhanced Kinect sensor. This is going to be a great gaming console for those looking for high-end performance. Recent standings suggest that the current pricing of the console will remain largely unchanged over the rest of this year, but may very likely drop come next year when Microsoft has time to make some adjustments before the end of its fiscal year.

Should You Buy It

The Xbox One S is still an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a powerful system that can play all your favorite games from a single device just like slots online found at If you don’t have any major gaming needs at the moment, it might not be the right console for you. On the other hand, if you’ve been waiting for a good deal on the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One S might be worth considering.

The Best Features

• High-Performance CPU

The Xbox One S has a custom 8-core processor which allows it to handle more tasks than previous models.

• Built-In Wireless Networking

The Xbox One S includes 802.11ac wireless networking capability which allows gamers to stay connected even while they’re away from home.

• Improved Controller

The Xbox One S controller features a redesigned analogue stick and improved D-pad and trigger mechanics, allowing players to interact with games more intuitively and easily.

• 4K Ultra HD Support

Xbox One S supports HDMI 2.0a output so users can enjoy ultra HD content through their TV sets.

• Built-in Storage

The Xbox One S comes equipped with 1TB hard drive meaning there is enough room for thousands of digital games.

• Enhanced Kinect Sensor

With the addition of infrared technology, the Xbox One S gives gamers access to voice commands without needing to attach external sensors.


The Bottom Line

If you enjoy real money multiplayer games, then the Xbox One S is probably what you should get. It is one of the most affordable consoles available today, and we expect it to continue to perform as well as see some price cuts. By making these changes, Microsoft is hoping the Xbox One S will find its way into homes across the globe.