Final with files and programs – Microsoft shows the future of the office of specialized programs such as Word or Excel, but also serves the files in the latest Vision of the group. In the future, everything should be flexible and other companies should be allowed to compete.Rafael Zeier26 Kommentare26Mindestens in the Demo Video looks all very flexible, and not as a self-contained program: Microsoft’s Fluid Framework.Rafael Zeier

in Front of a little less than two months ago, we reported here that Microsoft has no qualms to ditch old ways and veteran services to rebuild or even adjust. At that time, the Office was renamed-365-a subscription to Microsoft 365.

at the same Time, a new Office App came. The mixed Word, Excel, and Power Point and other Office services in one App. Mr Schüssler wrote at the time: “So user-friendly would have to be the Office have always been.”

The new Office App will now be briefly explained.Matthias Schüssler

This new App, however, was obviously just the beginning. In the context of its own Build developer conference, which this year will take place in a purely virtual, and the Work of the group his plans for the Office, or rather the Computer of the future will be presented. And brave. In order to formulate it carefully.

Instead of a program for texts, a program for tables, a programme for presentations and so on plans to most Microsoft a flexible Set-System. It is called Fluid Framework. English: Liquid framework or System.

In this Video, Microsoft shows the new idea:

In the run-up to the presentation Microsoft has released the new concept of the technology magazine “The Verge” is shown. In a detailed article, the author describes the Fluid Framework, which could one day complement Word and co., or even replace, as a kind of Lego kit.

Instead of search as in the past, files and to use for any type of work in another App, should in the future be everything and everywhere possible. The individual blocks should be the same in mail embed in a Text document or a web page. In real time, the content can be edited anywhere.

Faster, more flexible, more productive

however, it is not only more flexible, faster and, above all, more productive Work (a favorite topic of Microsoft Boss Satya Nadella) but also about working Together.

unlike the Microsoft of yore, the modern Microsoft is no longer boundaries, and closed systems. Fluid Frameworks with other companies open. This should contribute their own blocks.

The whole project is also Open Source, which should make it easier for other companies to participate. And this was ten years ago, Microsoft is hardly conceivable.

in the next few months, the first Fluid will be published in components for testing. Until the whole System is rolled out, it is likely to take significantly longer. Especially as Microsoft itself says that not all Decisions have fallen and everything is still in flux.

If the Fluid Framework will eventually supersede, in fact, the veteran Office or at least complement, you must show up. It is Far from being the first ambitious attempt to establish a new Form of Computer work.

10 years Ago failed, for example Google with the attempt to Wave it all on the head and establish a new Form of communication and collaboration (read: Together is better).

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