Microsoft reveals new Tablet-Laptop, and a entry-level Surface


New to the Surface family, Microsoft shows the new Tablet is a Laptop and an entry-level surface in addition to the new computers has presented to the software group with the ever-increasing Hardware Department, new headphones, and Docks.Rafael Zeier14 Kommentare14Microsofts what’s new in a picture: The Surface Go 2 (on the left), the new Surface Book 3 and the new headphones.Photo: PD

a list of new products, Microsoft announced today via press release and Youtube Videos.

Instead of, as usual, on a stage of the long-standing Surface-in-chief and new Windows chief Panos Panay presented the new products from their living room:

The news:

Surface Go 2The Surface Go 2 is a Mini-Tablet-Notebook for on-the-go.Photo: PD

The most exciting announcement relates to the Surface Go. The smallest Tablet in the Microsoft range of products I liked in 2018 in the Test very well, and I have recommended it in the last few years, regularly and only good Feedback on it. For a price of 500 Swiss francs, it is a very good and flexible Windows-based Notebook and Tablet.

Now, it gets with the Surface Go 2 a successor. The screen is 10.5 instead of a 10-inch now slightly larger, and the processors are faster, and promise to have more stamina (a weakness of the predecessor). In turn, there is also a variant with LTE. So you can regardless of Wi-Fi into the mobile network. Anyone who travels a lot, knows how to appreciate this function.

the cheapest version (without a keyboard or pen) is the Surface Go 2 469 francs. Models with more power and LTE costs more. In the commercial it comes on 12. May.

interesting Detail: At the Surface to Go 2 sets Microsoft on Intel processors. In my Test, as of 2018, I complained that Microsoft relies on more efficient ARM processors. This has been done by Microsoft now with the Surface Pro X. But that is significantly more expensive than the new Surface Go. In the Test, behind it left a very good impression.

However, it is still mainly experimental Users. When you Surface, Go 2 Microsoft wanted to go, obviously, on the safe side and Intel will not leave again from the outside.

Surface Book 3The Surface Book 3 has to compete with Apple’s Macbook Pro. Photo: PD

Microsoft’s most powerful Laptop (which is by the way, thanks to a removable screen is also a Tablet) gets an Update. The new Surface Book 3 continues in two sizes: 13.5 and 15 inches. In the case of both, especially the technical innards have been improved and brought up to date. The smaller model costs at least 1899 Swiss francs, the greater it is 2599 Swiss francs. Who wants to Microsoft’s new Top-Laptop, must be 5, however, up to the. June wait. Then he comes in the trade.

Surface Headphones 2Bequemer and in Black: The Surface Headphones 2. Photo: PD

Just one year after our Test, the Surface-headphones, this is one to get a successor. At the time, I criticized above all that you need to sit on my head too tight. The new variant promises now, in addition to better sound, more comfort. How comfortable the headphones are, you will need to show a Test. Now, this is pleasing for friends of Black, there are the headphones in the future, not only in grey but also in your favorite color. The cost of the new headphones with Noise cancellation from the 5. June 289 Swiss Francs. Thus, the starting price is significantly lower than that of the predecessor. The cost of bold 400 francs.

Surface earbuds micro soft in the ear: The Surface Earbuds.Photo: PD

last autumn, Microsoft has announced its answer to Apple Airpods: the Surface Earbuds.

In principle, they work the same as all the wireless headphones on the market: The headphones themselves have small batteries, and the box has a bigger battery and will not charge the plug-in, if you degree in the ear.

the battery of The plug-in is supposed to hold 8 hours. The charging case can extend to up to 24 hours. Gestures are supports the headset by Touch. In Switzerland they cost from the 12. May 219 Francs. How well you blend in with Android and Apple mobile phones, you will need to show a Test.

Surface Docks 2Viele connections for Surface devices thanks to the docking station.Photo: PD

Microsoft has long been reluctant against USB-C connectors on its devices. Too little of the Standard is widespread, and that is why you do not with to make, it was called in each case. Meanwhile, Microsoft has abandoned the blockade to happiness and also relies on the now more wide spread Standard.

this change is underlined now with the new Surface Dock 2. If you are connecting the Box to a Surface, you get many USB-C connectors, and other connectors.

The Box comes on 26. In may 2020, in Switzerland and costs 289 Swiss francs.

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