Microsoft Unveils Three New Xbox Console Variants

Microsoft revealed three new versions of its current generation Xbox consoles at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 event. The lineup includes two new Series X models and a new Series S variant.

The first model is the Xbox Series X 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition, which is essentially the existing Series X with double the storage capacity at 2TB. It features a unique speckled design with silver, gray, and green accents on a bright green base. The controller also sports a green back and a speckled D-pad. Priced at $600, this variant will have limited availability in select markets.

The second model is the Xbox Series X 1TB Digital Edition, a variation of the current Series X without an optical drive, allowing users to access games and movies solely through digital means. It comes in a sleek white color and will retail for $450 in specific markets.

Lastly, Microsoft introduced a white version of the black 1TB Series S, which was initially launched a year ago. The new model is identical to its black counterpart in terms of features and pricing, priced at $350. The company also mentioned that the black model will be available while supplies last, hinting at its discontinuation.

All three new models are set to launch during the upcoming holiday season.