INDIANAPOLIS — Although it was a lucky coincidence, Michigan’s point total Saturday was not lost on Jim Harbaugh.

The Wolverines defeated Iowa 42-3 to win the Big Ten championship at Lucas Oil Stadium. Their final touchdown and extra point conversion caused the head coach to double-take.

Harbaugh stated, “It hit me when i came over to speak to Aidan (Hutchinson)”. “That’s up 42 there.”

The No. 42 was Tate Myre’s jersey number. He was one of four Oxford High School students who were killed in Tuesday’s shooting. Harbaugh stated that Michigan had a special patch placed on their jerseys in memory of Tate Myre, who was “a football player, wrestler, and the best athlete at the school.”

According to reports, Myre attempted to ambush the shooter, Ethan Crumbley (15 years old), in order save his classmates. Myre’s initials “TM,” No. were included on the ‘O-shaped patch. 42 and four blue hearts for each of four victims.

Harbaugh stated, “The best athlete at the school could easily have made it out of that college and been the first to leave.” “But you know that while others were running from the gunfire, he was running right in to it. He is a hero.”

Michigan invited members from the Myre family along to Saturday’s Big Ten championship game. They were also part of the pregame coin toss. It turned out that the idea for this gesture was originated from Hutchinson from Plymouth, Mich. He approached Harbaugh earlier in week to dedicate the game to Myre.

Harbaugh stated, “I’m happy that our players have soul, too.” They have big hearts. Amazing guys.”

When asked if Michigan would keep wearing the No. Harbaugh asked Hutchinson if Michigan would continue to wear the No. 42 patch on their jerseys during the College Football Playoff. Hutchinson quickly replied, “Sure, let’s do it!”

Harbaugh replied, “Absolutely.”