Michel Van den Brande, the Most famous stellingbouwer has a lot of enthusiasm,” to get into politics, but, as he says in the message, and confirms that he is on our editorial board. “I want to stand up for the working man. Now that you two are going to work and you will not be around. What do you think, is that right?”

the One thing that is clear to Michel Van den Brande: “for example, you can’t tell. First of all, why in god’s name, the six governments will be required? If I were elected, I would be there in five, abolish, and there was only one left. Ten of the ministers. That’s enough of that. We are led by the european union. All of our politicians have, since their fat pre want to go to yours. It is my dream to one Belgium, one by the government. And out of the way, with all the differences between the flemish and walloon regions. It isn’t that they are here in the us, thousands of speed traps per day, while in the walloon region less than controls. And then how do you explain that to register my car twice as expensive in Flanders than in Wallonia?”

“it is Done with impunity,”

An important aspect Of the Burn: safety and security. “The condemned to their punishment is to sit out. Lifetime is lifetime. He, that is you can never leave? The next of kin of the victims have been broken up for life, < / I>, right? I just want to put an end to the impunity of perpetrators. Also, for people with a dual citizenship. Mispeuteren they get it, then we have to send it back. Without any mercy. If they get their sentence in a Moroccan prison and have to sit out, they will probably have to think twice before they do something mispeuteren.”

“I’m not racist at all, but it is full. We are being swamped by people of a foreign origin. Those of you who are here, are allowed to continue. Please send the others back. I, too, am an advocate for the people, and to help them in their country of origin. Please send money into Syria so they can rebuild their country, to a new life can begin. Now, the politics sends the wrong signal. Come over here guys, here you will get your money.”

what kind of party he would go to the stellingbouwer yet. “N-VA, they have over the past few years have proven that it is also the republicans are, and Vlaams belang is a racist to me. Maybe I should have a party to start with? Or take Jean-Marie Dedecker, for a discussion. This is the kind of man who I look up to. He has made a lot of friends, but also a lot of enemies. That’s because it’s grofgebekt, but also because he often speaks the truth. If I were a single person not being able to hear it or see it, it’s Gwendolyn Rutten. Always lying, lying and more lying. I can’t stand it.”

“We have too many for the environment:

The ultimate goal of a prime minister, Michel… Of the Burn? “Not at all. Let’s face it: I’m up to in my twelve years of school. I just want to be the voice of the people, to represent them. Stand up for the people who are working. Away with all income taxes. It’s the climate? Keep me from all that Anuna is The Truth. We are now doing it for the environment. First, the emissions in Bangkok will look to tackle in Indonesia,… No, we have to listen to the working people. Now that you two are going to work and you will not be around. What do you think, is that right? Eur 300 000 for a plot of land… the common man, in god’s name, go and get it? All of that is in taxes, that’s all going to be the a working man to be fucked.”