A family of artists united to any test. Michel Leeb is one of the popular stars with the French. Actor, singer and humorist, he is especially famous for his imitations of personalities and his shows. In the 1980s, he met journalist Béatrice Malicet at the Paris casino and began a long love affair.

After nearly 40 years of love and 20 years of marriage, Michel and Béatrice Leeb seem more united and in love than ever. Asked by Tendance Ouest, the couple revealed the secret of their longevity. “Sincerity and respect for others,” said his wife to our colleagues. “I think it’s not because we are married to someone that this person should belong to us. Nothing is ever acquired and insecurity makes the relationship stronger”.

For Michel Leeb, love seems to always be there over time. “I have lived with the same woman for 38 years, but I always seek to seduce her, to amaze her, to surprise her, both in everyday life and in my profession”, he declared in an interview, relayed by the magazine Gala. A close-knit couple around their three children, Fanny (born in 1986), Elsa (born in 1988) and Tom (born in 1990), in good times and bad.

Fans of The Voice notably saw Fanny Leeb in the second season of the competition on TF1, but also in Stars à nu, where she returned to her fight against breast cancer. If his sister Elsa Leeb works in the shadows as a press officer, his brother Tom, also a singer, was to represent France at Eurovision in 2020. A clan that remains more united than ever, as evidenced by their photos on Instagram. For the occasion, Planet reveals their incredible family album in the slideshow above.