Michael Angarano and Michael Cera Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Details of Indie Comedy ‘Sacramento’

When Michael Angarano set out to create his indie buddy comedy “Sacramento,” he faced questions about the film’s setting. Despite considering shooting in Atlanta, Angarano and his co-writer Chris Smith stuck with the original plan to set the movie in Sacramento, a city they weren’t familiar with but found inspiration in. The film follows two estranged college buddies, played by Michael Cera and Angarano, as they navigate life changes.

Premiering at the Tribeca Festival, “Sacramento” features Cera as Glenn, a soon-to-be father, and Angarano as Ricky, his carefree friend. The actors, who have been friends for years, found parallels between their characters and real lives as they both entered fatherhood during the film’s production. Angarano even met his future wife, Maya Erskine, on set, where she played Ricky’s ex-girlfriend.

To complete the cast, Angarano enlisted Kristen Stewart to play the role of Rosie, Glenn’s pregnant wife. Stewart’s involvement helped secure financing for the film and a commitment to shoot in Sacramento. Despite a brief scare when Cera went silent before filming, the movie was successfully completed, with Cera borrowing Angarano’s guitar during production.