be Respectful and friendly was the conversation. The Andrés Manuel López Obrador had on Thursday announced, after he had tags on the phone earlier with his American Opposite Donald Trump. The new Mexican President said that the topic of Migration have been built in the center of the conversation, but not a word about Trump’s planned border wall had fallen. The theme of the wall had been in any talks with Trump addressed.

Tjerk Brühwiller

Rapporteur for Latin America with headquarters in São Paulo.

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Instead, López Obrador and Trump talked about how the Migration of Central Americans, without the wall, and at the root is counteracted. López Obrador have in mind a development plan for southern Mexico and Central America, with the jobs created in the Region, the violence and the poverty to be combated and so that the living conditions be improved, so that the incentive is for a Migration to the North small. According to López Obrador, the Mexican government has reserved for the Plan is five billion dollars in the estimates for the coming year.

Now he hopes that the United States will follow suit. A provisional Version of an agreement was already said López Obrador. “We are in agreement on the investment program to address the phenomenon of Migration.” He had proposed a Meeting in Washington. Prior to his arrival, López Obrador had promised to migrants who want to work in Mexico, a residence and work permit for Mexico.