using An Extinction Rebellion-the protest in London will take place on Thursday completely out of hand. Some of the activists climbed on to the metro trains, making the happy interrupted. The commuters with a cup of tea to put it mildly, didn’t taste like it and took matters into their own hands, and the activists on the ground to attract them.

police have arrested four people after a blockage incidents in train stations in Stratford and Canning Town on the Jubileelijn”, which is in the north-west, with the eastern part of London along the central bond. In a video on social media, it is time to see how angry commuters with a projectile to a manifestant on top of the train was cast, and keep him there by force aftrokken.

it doesn’t burgmeester Sadiq Khan has condemned the way the protest is strong. “These illegal actions are extremely dangerous, and could be counter-productive, and they will cause an unacceptable disturbance of the happy and that of the people of London for their work.”

some activists want it Thursday, is also in action at London’s Gatwick airport, the airline industry, and to ask for the number of flights will reduce, and the airports are not expanding”. They include not just the disruption of air traffic. In addition, it calls on the movement to sympathetic employees to protest after their first day in the office.