The legendary group is now the proud owner of a vinyl record pressing factory.

There have never been as many LPs sold as compact discs sinceā€¦ 1987. As a result, the explosion in demand, driven by pop stars like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, is overloading the industry.

To avoid delays in the production and delivery of its records, Metallica didn’t have a hard time: the band bought its own vinyl pressing plant. According to Billboard, the heavy metal legends have acquired their longtime partner, Virginia-based Furnace Record Pressing.

“We couldn’t be happier to take our partnership with Furnace and its founders to the next level,” drummer Lars Ulrich said in a statement. Singer James Hetfield added that the factory had been “brilliant for Metallica and especially for our fans” and that its purchase would ensure potential vinyl buyers “continued access to high quality records in the future”.