Messenzwaaier in the Houses, He yelled, Allahu Akbar, and asked the people whether they are Jewish, and left early.


Molenbeek-saint-jean –

for The Brussels public prosecutor carries out an investigation in order to know the motives of a man who, on Wednesday, in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, several passers-by on the street with a knife, and threatened. According to several witnesses, called out to the man, this “Allah Akbar”, and he asked the people whether they are of jewish descent.

If this is correct, it calls to the fact that the question arises as to whether there is a connection with a terrorist attack on a synagogue in the German Halle, who is on the same day and committed to. There in the lap of the 27-year-old neo-nazi Stephen Balliet, two people are dead, and when he’s not, the synagogue of the essence. That Balliet was inspired by hatred, it is clear from these messages that the young shooter is left behind. But whether or not the violence in the Houses, in action is shot as a result of the terrorist attack in Germany, or on its own initiative, and has been from the research.

on Wednesday, the police in the zone Brussels-West, the fact that a man is in the vicinity of the Black Lakes, and people on the street with a knife, threatened them and asked the question of whether they are of jewish descent. When the police appeared on the spot, came and took the man to a walk. It was only after a raid with several of the patrol, he could Charm the collar of wordengevat.

The public prosecutor in Brussels and a magistrate was appointed to be the reason for the man to figure it out. The defendant could, as a Moroccan, are in the country illegally has been received.