The EU as a “debt Union” – Merkel is a historical kehrtwen your the Euro crisis has denied Germany the joint debts of the EU, now Angela Merkel agrees suddenly. And white even on her party.Dominique Eigenmann from Berlin4 Kommentare4Gemeinsam the proposal for a European reconstruction Fund developed: Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.Photo:

Angela Merkel, for the past 15 years, German Chancellor, politically, a Paragon of caution, has responded reversals on crises are always spectacular. After the disaster of Fukushima in 2011, for example, gave the until then always defended nuclear power from one to the other day. She believed that the step was at the time.

In the Corona of a pandemic, according to Merkel’s view, “the most severe crisis in the European community since its Foundation” – came now again, such a Moment: The German Chancellor suggested to the French President, a European reconstruction Fund, which is financed with joint debt. It had resisted her Christian Democrats for decades against it.

Now, Merkel is really after

Merkel had defended her then-Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble during the Euro crisis in Brussels this Veto with teeth and Claws. Schäuble would have urged Greece in the dispute over the debt at that time, almost out of the Euro , would not have Merkel prevented him from. However, the alleged “Resilience” a new conservative party: the Alternative for Germany was created in 2013 in the resistance against Merkel. And now? Is Merkel really.

this Is the step in the European “debt and transfer Union,” in affluent Germany many feared? Merkel’s people stir: If the scheduled common bonds, it was neither the Euro nor Corona-Bonds. In contrast to those, there is no “joint and several liability”, is an obligation so that in the extreme case of Germany, for all the debts would have to pay. Rather, it is a surety only for the share of Germany’s role in accordance with its economic power in the EU: a good quarter. In the case of a Fund of 500 billion euros that would be, but still 135 billion.

Even the hard-liners Schäuble praises

As always: in Front of the Corona-crisis would have been such a concession from Berlin would be unthinkable. Now it not only represents the Chancellor as a more-or-less alternative, but also your party. This is all the more remarkable, as the Christian Democrats in the Euro crisis, Merkel’s policies are still bitter had fallen out. This time, the peak forces of the CDU and the CSU agreed with the Merkel-Macron-Plan promptly, praised him as “wise”, “essential” or at least “acceptable”.

Self Schäuble, the old Hardliner, said he would have it this time, exactly how Merkel: “If Europe is to ever have a Chance, it needs to prove now as a spirit of solidarity and capacity to act.” It is an economic collapse imminent, as it had been in times of peace, not experienced – that’s why a whole new community funds were now needed.

“Germany will only be good if it’s going well.”

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor,

Merkel appreciated your u-turn as an act of German solidarity, but also as a confession of mutual dependence: “The nation-state alone has no future. Germany will go on only if it is good, if it’s going well.”

The mitregiere the social Democrats to the Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, took Merkel’s words as a promise, the EU is now swiftly in the direction of the “United States of Europe” to develop a “dream of the SPD since 1925”. The AfD renewed, in turn, your criticism of the Euro crisis: Merkel verse chleudere people, and tell the German sovereignty. The debate begins so just.

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