the outlet Only a few days before the important vote on the EU agreement of head of government Theresa May have changed, the deputies in the British Parliament, the rules of the game. At the start of the five-day debate, the parliamentarians decided 308 to 297 votes on Wednesday that the government must, within three sitting days of a Plan B, should Mays Brexit Treaty on Tuesday rejected. So far, it was foreseen that the government has for three weeks time.

May no longer play games with the view of observers at the time, to bring their agreement through the house of Commons. The Parliament could, however, influence the further steps.

The head of government had postponed the vote on the Brussels negotiated Brexit agreement in December, first of all, because a significant defeat loomed. You will now be held next Tuesday, 15 January, take place. However, it is still unlikely that the Brexit Deal will find a majority. Just in Mays Conservative party to the contract faces a lot of rejection. The Northern Irish DUP, whose votes may’s minority government relies, refused to date the following. Before the debate, May provided also with head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn a fierce exchange of blows. May said that the Opposition would reject any possible Deal. Corbyn, the Prime Minister blackmail accused.