In the ring, Super Genie was the name of the professional wrestler.

Melissa Coates, also known as “Super Genie” within the ring’s ring, has passed away. __S.3__

Coates’ friend confirmed her death via a Facebook post. “This may have been the most difficult post I have ever made… Just received word from Terry ‘Sabu’ Brunk that Super Genie Melissa Coates had died this afternoon.”

“I have also spoken to Cassi’s brother JR Coates, and her niece Cassi. They advised me to share this sad news,” the post continued. “Sabu won’t be answering calls at this time. Please respect their privacy. Keep them all in your prayers and thoughts.

In 2020, the former WWE star had to have his leg amputated in order to save his life. However, no official cause has been established.

Coates was born in Canada and began her professional wrestling career 2002. Coates was also a bodybuilder, and a fitness model before joining the WWE roster as a 2005 wrestler.

Bayley , a WWE star, tweeted in tribute to Melissa Coates: “I had my first match against Melissa Coates. It’s always an honor to share the ring together with someone. I want to thank you for being so kind, helpful, and breaking my brace open. You will be remembered forever.

Natalya tweet, “Thinking of Melissa Coates today. It is a sad news to hear about her passing. Melissa was kind and generous to all she met. This was her favorite photo of herself, she said. Melissa, you are remembered and loved.