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Former first woman turned into a lightweight dress match for Florida’s weather, so Twitter took note

But, it had been the former first lady’s ensemble that grabbed the interest of fashion-obsessed social websites users.

Rather than the all-black outfit Melania wore after she stopped her flight from Washington, D.C, that Vanity Fair mentioned comprised a Chanel jacket, Dolce & Gabbana apparel, Louboutin shoes along with also a Hermès Birkin bag, she stepped off the airplane at a colorfully-patterned Gucci apparel that retails for $3,700.

When some fans praised Melania’s devotion to creating a style statement, a few Twitter users balked at the price labels of exactly what she wore pre- and post-flight.

Others simply were not a lover of this hexagon print silk gown she had on while she and Trump left to their residence in the early Mar-a-Lago Club.

“The 70s needs its drapes back,” a Twitter user centric in Melania’s style choice.

The other Twitter user poked fun in the apparel with orange hexagons.

They composed.

A harsher online politician went to state”money doesn’t always mean style and class” and the former couple”won’t be missed”

Meanwhile, several Twitter users joked they associated the prior version’s loose-fitting apparel and sunglasses mix together with that of a Floridian divorcée.

Some shared that they believed Melania’s outfit shift represented her true feelings of leaving the White House.

Melania and Trump broke from convention and failed to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden, who’s currently the 46th president of the USA.

This temperature is 30 levels higher than what has been reported for Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning.