Sometimes, when there is a baby in the home, Daryl Sabara and his wife get up to use the facilities simultaneously.

Meghan Trainor revealed that she has an unusual addition to her family home, his-and-hers bathrooms in the same bathroom.

Ryan, her brother, shared the news with Nicole Byer. Ryan was a guest on Ryan’s “Why Won’t You Date Me” podcast. Nicole Byer hosts the podcast. He spoke about wanting a different relationship from his sister’s with Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids) star, as it was a little too similar.

Ryan Trainor stated on the podcast, “You guys were weirdos bro.” They poop together! “They poop together!”

A family that poops together… maybe stays together?

Meghan Trainor, 27, said that she doesn’t like using the toilet in public and prefers Sabara, 29 “blocking” the door. She also noted that their schedules are so synchronized that they decided to install two toilets in their bathroom.

It’s partly to share care for Riley, their 7-month old son.

She noted that she just bought a house and did the construction. However, in her bathroom there was only one toilet. “A lot of times, in the middle of a night when we are with the baby we need to pee simultaneously. So I asked, “Can we have two toilets near each other?”

They do it now, even though it made their contractor laugh. She said they use them together “often”, even though they have only “pooped together” twice.

Later, she attempted to clarify her bathroom situation via Twitter.

Trainor and Sabara were married in 2016, and Riley was born in February 2018.