Meghan Trainor’s Scary Miscarriage Scare During Interview

Meghan Trainor shares her experience of a miscarriage scare while in the middle of an interview.

During an episode of Mythical Kitchen’s Last Meals on Thursday, June 6, the singer opened up about the rollercoaster of emotions she felt when she found out she was pregnant with her second child, son Barry, 10 months.

After a positive pregnancy test, Trainor was overjoyed, but just before her last interview of the day, she started bleeding and thought she was having a miscarriage, even ruining a chair in the process.

Despite the scare, Trainor held back tears during the interview and later found out she had been pregnant for much longer than she realized. The experience was a rollercoaster of emotions for the singer.

The article highlights the challenges Trainor faced during her pregnancy journey, from the initial joy of finding out she was pregnant to the scare of a potential miscarriage. It sheds light on the emotional toll that such experiences can have on individuals and the importance of support during such times.