Meghan Trainor Recounts Scare of Believing She Had a Miscarriage During Second Pregnancy

Meghan Trainor, the talented singer, recently shared a harrowing experience she faced while pregnant with her second child. During a conversation on Mythical Kitchen’s “Last Meals” with Chef Josh Scherer, Meghan revealed that she believed she had suffered a miscarriage at one point during her pregnancy.

The shocking incident took place after Meghan’s performance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” when she noticed unexpected bleeding. Initially mistaking it for her period, Meghan later discovered she was pregnant after taking a test, bringing her immense joy.

While preparing for interviews, including one with Ryan Seacrest, Meghan experienced a scary moment when she began bleeding profusely while seated for the interview. Despite the alarming situation, Meghan managed to keep her composure and continued with the interview.

Fearful for the worst, Meghan rushed to the bathroom to assess the situation, fearing she had lost her baby. However, to her relief, a subsequent pregnancy test confirmed that she was still carrying her second child, Barry. Barry was born in July 2023, joining Meghan and her husband Daryl Sabara along with their first child, Riley.

Despite the initial scare, Meghan Trainor’s story has a happy ending, with both mother and baby doing well.