The queen is dead, long live the king. September 8, 2022 will most likely be remembered as a day of national mourning for the UK. Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, leaving behind her no less than 70 years of reign.

A tragic event that reshuffles the cards of the British monarchy: if the queen gives up her title to her son, Charles III, the ex-Prince of Wales gives up his to his first child, William, who also becomes Duke of Cornwall.

Kate Middleton, wife of the heir, becomes Princess of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. This first title was never used by the new Queen Consort, Camilla, presumably out of respect to Princess Diana.

What happens to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? On their wedding day, Harry was created Duke of Sussex by Elizabeth II… Only here: in 2020, the couple renounced their public commitments to the royal family, as well as their honorary predicate of royal highnesses… Without being deprived of it. Thus, the prince was since called by his first and last names, namely Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor.

Is it possible, therefore, that Meghan Markle will one day be crowned queen? Well yes, although such a scenario is part of a series of events that are both dramatic and unlikely. Queen consort, queen-dowager or regent… Details in our slideshow below, with the help of journalist and historian Kévin Guillot, passionate about the British monarchy.