Meghan Markle is to be completely ignored in the Australian documentary film, which will be broadcast in the news program ‘60 Minutes’. Among others, Katie Hopkins is at it’s word, a media personality who is well known for her racist remarks. “She’s a nitwit”, though it claims to be at Hopkins, that her hatred to the duchess of Sussex, england, is not justified by the nature of Meghan. Well-known and lesser-known fans are jumping in, however, to pick up the slack for the wife of prince Harry: “Poor journalism, and it smells of racism.”

“Meghan Markle is the biggest hypocrite there is.” The word is the Katie Hopkins to an extreme right-wing British media personality. In 2007, she took part in The Apprentice , the American reality tv series hosted by Donald Trump.

now, In tweets, called Hopkins to the refugees “cockroaches” and claimed to be an “ the final solution (the English term for the systematic genocide of the Jewish people during the Second world War-ed.) < / I> is for you.

in Addition to Hopkins is also in Lizzy Cundy, an old friend of Meghan’s the word on the documentary. “She’s manipulative, in comparison with the women that I have in the past had”, according to the survey.

it’s a “vindictive” is ” Cundy said if they, by Meghan “in the end, it was taken when they arrived for the royal family.” The women gossiped more about her “friend”, and once again, not to mince words.


Meghan Markle was a few months ago and have been welcomed with open arms in Australia, and now seems to be turning the tide of what is to return. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, and the power of the duchess’s declining, especially in the media. There is criticism that journalists are not welcome at the official opening of the little son of Archie, and, according to the sources, was not allowed to get Meghan to keep an eye on the World.

you Also have the choice of the climate of torque, with a privévliegtuig to go on holiday, is under attack. The solution, according to the documentary 60 Minutes ? “The example of her late mother-in-law, Diana. She sat down in front of the mass of the people.”

however, There are a lot of royal fans that are the duchess of Sussex, england, to defend the inside and outside of the United Kingdom. On Twitter, they move from teaching at the figures to speak, in the Australian documentary.

The award-winning actress Mia Farrow calls Meghan “the intelligent, compassionate and beautiful,” while others suggest that the hateful comments are pure jealousy,” as they are. “Please, just admit that you are a black women, hatred, and decay, the sound it still there.

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