Meeting in September – Trump wants the G7 summit to four States extend the host of the G7 summit, the United States this year. However, because of the Corona of a pandemic it has been postponed now to September. US President, Trump wants to have Russia, South Korea, Australia and India as well.0 KommentareEr not have the feeling that the “very outdated group” of the seven major industrialized countries make a representation of what is Happening on the world: U.S. President Donald Trump. (30 may 2020)Keystone/Alex Brandon

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to move to the G7-summit in the USA on September, and the Meeting then to other States to expand, including Russia.

He doesn’t have the feeling that the “very outdated group” of the seven major industrialized countries make a representation of what is Happening on the world right, said Trump on Saturday evening. He wanted to invite Russia, South Korea, Australia and India. A spokeswoman for the White house said, so that traditional allies are brought together to discuss the future dealing with China.

Trump is the host this year of the G7 summit. Originally, the Meeting of the heads of state and heads of government for the 10. to 12. June, at the country seat of the President in Camp David had been planned. In March, the US had cancelled the summit due to the Corona pandemic, and instead, a video conference scheduled.

Hüst and Hott

to make Recently, Trump had stated, but then again, the Meeting will be held. Most recently, his spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany had said that the Meeting should take place at the end of June in the White house in Washington.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had, however, made only on Saturday it clear that they would not fly due to the Corona-crisis expected for a G7 summit in the United States. The Chancellor thanked Trump for his invitation.

At the same time, government made it clear spokesman: “as of today, can you, in view of the pandemic situation of your personal attendance, so a trip to Washington, not commitments.” Merkel will keep the development, but more in the view. Previously, the magazine had reported in “Politico”.

“opening of America”

McEnany had said that Trump wanted the summit “in the Wake of the re-opening of America” days. Trump urges U.S. States to loosen protective measures so that the economy gets back in gear. The United States are hit by the pandemic, hard, in the meantime, the country has seen more than 100’000 Dead. Currently, strict travel restrictions between the United States and Europe, which had raised additional questions on the feasibility of a summit to apply.

For discussions within the G7 should trump’s proposal to invite Russia to the Meeting. The President Vladimir Putin ruled the country, had been excluded after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. First, at the G7 summit in the French Biarritz in last August, Trump had failed with his proposal, Russia in the group of major economic powers to be incorporated. Russia is, unlike the other countries that would like to invite Trump – not an ally of the United States.

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