The Super Ligue du Nord has found its media partners: the matches of the new women’s soccer league will be presented on RDS/TSN, and on CBC Sports/Radio-Canada.

This broadcast agreement, which is very similar to that of the LPHF, will cover several seasons.

On the French-speaking side, the league announced “that RDS will provide live coverage of certain matches of the Montreal club.”

In addition, CBC Sports and Radio-Canada will broadcast the matches on their national network and digital platforms.

“The accessibility of our matches for Canadians is essential to the growth and long-term viability of professional women’s soccer,” explained Diana Matheson, founder of the Northern Super League. Our players have remained in the shadows for too long. Having Bell Media and CBC/Radio-Canada shining a national spotlight on our Canadian professional players is not only a big win for fans, but also creates a lasting impact on women’s sports in the country. »