the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has decided, according to a report by the news magazine “der Spiegel” against privatisation of the Truck toll operator Toll Collect. The Federal government should now remain the owner of the company, the magazine writes, citing information from the Ministry. The Ministry replied, on request, to external speculation you basically.

The toll operator Toll Collect – a joint venture between Daimler, Telekom and French motorways operator Cofiroute is since 1. September in Federal ownership. According to the previous plans, a new operator 1. March 2019, the shares in Toll Collect and the toll system. A sale of shares should only be done if it is for the Federal government economically, had made it clear to the Ministry of transport in the past.

the Federal court of auditors had privatization criticized criticized

The Federal court of auditors had the plans for a re-allocation of the Truck toll system on motorways and Federal roads to a private operator. The Federal Ministry of transport must ensure, before a Supplement that the costs of implementation of self-directed “will be displayed as realistic as possible,” it said in a late October known to report to the budget Committee of the Bundestag.