“What are you doing? You sing in Wuppertal Brecht-songs in the ballet – you can’t be Serious.“ With these words, the Hamburg-trained actress has played Mechthild Großmann once the responses to her first Engagement at the Wuppertal ballet. And in fact, your Position was there on the stage – in the early seventies, Pina Bausch’s dance theatre was still little known – as the only vocal presence in the physically most of all the arts, in a way, strange. But the big man filled her role, as seen in footage from back then, with the greatest of ease. “I was Loud,” she said in a recent Interview, therefore, you have added the quiet, Pina Bausch so well – and still the otherwise unshakable deep voice breaks away with her, when she talks about the 2009 dead girlfriend.

Uwe Ebbinghaus

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

After working at the theatre in Bremen under the direction of Kurt Hübner, and in Stuttgart, Germany, where Claus Peymann fired them with the words, “You’re not an actress!”, was a big man, the shot with Fassbinder, a commitment to Zadek in Bochum in the Ruhr area come. In the theatre she had played “hookers up and down” and men’s roles, as she says. Where you buzzing with all those, to reduce your deep voice to have at the age of fourteen years, pronounced until today, the sentence holds: “is not the entire evening.” At the dance theatre in Wuppertal, you showed a talent for text production for Bausch’s productions. “Come in, come in, my husband is in the war”, was a stage-set of your that captures a whole world.

A special preference has a big man for audiobooks, because you can decide at the time of their production, unlike on the stage, a lot of self. She is the voice of thrillers like “body of prey”, “blood MAHLE” and “Dead ground” (all of Tess Gerritsen), has spoken in “Pope Joan” is not only the Narrator, but also the Bishop. And if she reads children’s books like “The Yark”, which is a being, the children eat, and the Monster growls just thinking of that toasty, you are in a fantasy world, the existence of Mechthild Großmann is not the slightest doubt.